Bruce Bodaken
Chairman, President
Blue Shield of

Dr. Denis Cortese
President & CEO
Mayo Clinic

Michael Critelli
Executive Chairman
Pitney Bowes

Sen. Tom Daschle
Center for American
Progress Action Fund

Trace Devanny
Cerner Corporation

Dr. Patty Gabow
Denver Health

Jeff Kindler
Chairman & CEO

Dr. Jeanne Lambrew
Senior Fellow
Center for American
Progress Action Fund

Thomas Menino
City of Boston

Gavin Newsom
City of San Francisco

Dr. Samuel Nussbaum
Executive V.P. &
Chief Medical Officer
Wellpoint, Inc.

Barbara O'Brien
Lt. Governor
State of Colorado

Dr. Stephen Oesterle
Sr. VP Medicine and
Medtronic, Inc.

Kenneth Shachmut
SVP, Strategic and
Health Initiatives and
Safeway, Inc.

Kevin Sharer
CEO & President

Hilda Solis
U.S. Congress

Dr. Reed Tuckson
Executive VP and
Chief of Medical Affairs
UnitedHealth Group

2008 Health Roundtable:

Health, Wellness and Prevention

Monday, August 25, 2008
9:30 am 11:30 am

Boettcher Hall
Denver Performing Arts Complex

Participants: Bruce Bodaken, Dr. Denis Cortese, Michael Critelli, Sen. Tom Daschle, Trace Devanney, Dr. Patty Gabow, Jeff Kindler, Dr. Jeanne Lambrew, Thomas Menino, Gavin Newsom, Dr. Samuel Nussbaum, Barbara O'Brien, Dr. Stephen Oesterle, Linda Pryor, Kenneth Shachmut, Kevin Sharer, Hilda Solis, Dr. Reed Tuckson

Health Roundtable Video

Health Roundtable Podcast

Original Description of Roundtable

The 2008 Health Roundtable is designed as a discussion among ten to twelve participants. A facilitator will lead the Roundtable, encouraging a dynamic, substantive interchange among participants. Seated in a venue with a capacity for 2,200 persons, the audience for the Roundtable will include individuals with a particular interest in encouraging healthy lifestyles in the workplace, and prevention and wellness programs in our society.

Roundtable Focus

The Wellness Councils of America estimate that approximately 81 per cent of businesses with 50 or more employees have some form of health programs available to their employees. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other illnesses affect millions of Americans. Our economy is impacted by lower productivity and increased health care costs. Obesity alone is an epidemic which costs the healthcare system $90 billion per year. One in every five Americans is obese, and Type II diabetes in children is rampant. The children of today may be the first generation of Americans whose life expectancy may be shorter than their parents.

In this context, topics of the 2008 Health Roundtable may include:

  1. Is there a fiscal burden of the most prevalent chronic diseases occurring in the general population?
  2. Is the rise of chronic disease costing us lives, quality of life and prosperity?
  3. Is creating a culture of wellness through lifestyle choices, and private and public policies critical to sustaining a growth oriented economy?
  4. Is there sufficient capacity within our medical systems to provide sufficient care?
  5. Will an aging population require a higher intensity of services in general?

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