Moderator: Ray Suarez
Senior Correspondent
The NewsHour
with Jim Lehrer

Robert A. Hefner III
Founder and Owner
The GHK Company

Dick Kelly
Xcel Energy

Steven Leer
Arch Coal

Andrew Liveris
Dow Chemical

Fred Palmer
Sr. Vice President
Peabody Energy

William S. Becker
Executive Director
Presidential Climate

Carol Browner
Former Administrator
Protection Agency

Richard Gephardt
Gephardt Group

Jerome Ringo
Apollo Alliance

Brian Schweitzer
State of Montana

Tim Wirth
UN Foundation

D. James Baker
Global Carbon
Measurement Program

Kevin Knoblock
Union of Concerned

David Lester
Executive Director
Council on Energy
Resource Tribes

Sen. Claire McCaskill
U.S. Senator
State of Missouri

Michael Northrop
Program Director
Rockefeller Brothers

Randy Udall
Association for the
Study of Peak Oil

2008 Energy and Climate Change Roundtable

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Space Theatre
Denver Performing Arts Complex

Session Two: Energy in a Carbon-Constrained Economy

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Moderator: Ray Suarez
Introduction: Three Carbon Sources
Robert A. Hefner III, Dick Kelly, Steven Leer, Andrew Liveris, Fred Palmer
Topic Expansion: Addressing the Economic Constraints
William S. Becker, Carol Browner, Rep. Richard Gephardt, Jerome Ringo, Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Tim Wirth
Topic Expansion : Challenges and Opportunities
D. James Baker, Kevin Knobloch, David Lester, Sen. Claire McCaskill, Michael Northrop, Randy Udall

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Original Overview: [There is NO Podcast for this session]

The 2008 Energy and Climate Change Roundtable is designed as three discussions among an array of knowledgeable participants. A moderator will lead each of the three sessions, encouraging dynamic, substantive interchange among the participants, bringing local, state, national and international perspectives to the forefront. Seated in a venue with a capacity for 550 persons, the audience for the Roundtable will include individuals with a particular interest in the subject of energy and climate change.

Roundtable Focus

State and local leadership have largely led the way in implementing on-the-ground solutions to address global climate change and to diversify the energy economy. For this reason, the sessions presented below will focus on innovative actions at the state and local level in particular, while incorporating the need to build a more effective partnership at the federal level in what is now increasingly an international climate reality.

Session One: The Business of Climate Change

8:00 am to 9:45 am, the Space Theatre

The global challenge of climate change has moved to the top of the boardroom agenda as businesses strive to balance their economic interests while recognizing the global imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A full range of challenges and opportunities facing business leaders will be explored in this session, regarding capitalization, research and development, technology transfer, the policy regime, and the emerging carbon market.

Session Two: Energy in a Carbon Constrained Economy

10:00 am to 11:45 am, the Space Theatre

This roundtable will focus on balancing the benefits of traditional energy resources as a nationally secure base load resource against depleting supplies and the need to reduce greenhouse gases in an increasingly carbon-constrained economy.

Keynote Lunch: Sir Nicholas Stern

Energy and Climate Change Roundtable Podcast

Session Three: The New Energy Economy

1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, the Space Theatre

This session will explore the rich array of resources in the “modern energy economy” with a focus on fuel resources, technology development, policy barriers and outlooks, energy security, and the capital formation required to achieve this transformation.

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