More than a year ago, Mayor John Hickenlooper realized that while many leaders would be in Denver for the Democratic National Convention, not many of them would be available to the residents of Colorado unless the mayor, Governor Bill Ritter, members of the Denver Convention Host Committee and volunteers from the community took action. So, working together, we kicked off the idea of a series of public symposia.

Now the 2008 Rocky Mountain Roundtable is complete, and that vision came to pass. More than 14,000 citizens attended a series of ten unique discussions that truly embodied the theme: “Groundbreaking Thought at a Higher Elevation.”

To all of the volunteers, Roundtable participants, sponsors and all those citizens who attended, allow me to say thank you on behalf of the mayor, the governor and the Denver Convention Host Committee.

The 2008 Rocky Mountain Roundtable was a once-in-a-lifetime event. We hope the impact will live on with all those who were there. In addition, the events will live on thanks in part to the internet. Check the box on the right for links to podcasts and more.

Jim Polsfut

All of the Roundtables are presented in podcast
form by
"DNC Denver-cast"

Some videos are available, including this one on Global Poverty:

There’s a video available by clicking the link on this page from the Council on Foreign Relations:

And this one on Education: - Education Roundtable

And Technology: - Technology Roundtable